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Player searches require you to enter a player name. You may do partial searches by entering part of a last name or a first name. Please note if a players name is misspelled, may make the search more difficult. I would suggest searching for a player from the team search by using the school code.

Search by Team

Team searches require that you know the school code. If you do not know your school code, you may select a link on the right of this page (KSCA School Codes) to find your school code. All Kansas public schools are listed and players from private or home schools are listed if the school has had KSCA members. If your school is not listed, please email the database manager on the Corrections, link to notify him to add the school.

Search USCF

USCF Searches may be done by USCF ID, or any partial name. This link is for KSCA members to help identify their USCF information.

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